Employee Outsourcing continues to gain traction in the region. Employees will be hired on Stream Recruitment visa and payroll then deployed to the customer’s location for temporary or long-term employment which allows the clients to focus on their core business functionalities, save costs and expand rapidly

Outsourcing through Stream Recruitment helps in consistently meeting the customer’s needs, standards of quality, values, and vision.

Direct Hiring

Stream Recruitment provides Human Resource services across UAE, we help our clients succeed in today’s highly competitive market by providing them with quality human resources solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We stand out by:

  • Ability to identify and attract qualified individuals across UAE and the region for our clients’ permanent or temporary open positions.
  • Our Account Management System interacts closely with our candidates to provide them with continual comprehensive consulting and ensure their constant satisfaction.

Overseas Recruitment

Stream Recruitment uses its local knowledge of the UAE market and its high-grade screening tools to find the best candidates for the position not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Central Asia, and the Far East. Our overseas network includes distinctive professionals who follow the best practices in all recruiting phases starting from shortlisting and screening to interviewing and contracting. Once the candidates are finally selected, Stream Recruitment handles the visa process and manages the local employment requirements on behalf of the company. In addition, Stream Recruitment also deals with obtaining security clearance, work permits, and other formalities required by UAE authorities. We spare no effort to locate and recruit the best suitable candidates to fill clients’ positions.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary and Contracting is a key growth strategy to help maintain your company’s peak performance. Thus, Stream Recruitment provides contract staffing services for small to large businesses all over the region to help clients facing unexpected fluctuations in demand for certain positions through hiring temporary workers. This grants flexibility to skilled workers and offers clients more access to talented candidates who are willing to develop within the company and improve their career path

Technical Support

While devoting efforts to let our clients go through a more relaxed and trouble-free recruiting experience, Stream Recruitment ensures the presence of all dimensional flexibility for clients’ skillful workforce. Our support services are generously inclusive of food, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, third-party insurance, and many more. Through our associates in over 50 countries including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Vietnam, we constantly have access to skilled labor with the best cultural fit that exactly meets our clients’ work needs and. Support services by Stream undoubtedly make hiring skilled labor on a permanent or contractual basis seamlessly processed and performed.


Building on our years-old established relationships and wide network of contacts, supplemented with the executive search protocol, Stream Recruitment works closely with clients to understand their requirements so that the most suitable candidates can be delivered for the job. This personalized service ensures that we find the right candidate for the role and that the process is completed in a timely manner.


Stream Recruitment has been at the front of providing Emirati Talent to organizations that seek Nationals to fulfill their strategic goals and statutory obligations. Stream Recruitment proactively targets qualified Emirati talent that is passive on the job boards. also provides outplacement services for Emiratis impacted by strategic restructuring of organizations The regional challenges have turned out to be opportunities both for Stream Recruitment and its clients.


At Stream Recruitment, we have an expert team of assessment professionals with expertise in candidate assessments to help you match the right talent to your business requirement. Whether you seek to re-skill existing employees or looking to hire talent with the specific skill set, we help you with customized assessments that suit your business needs.

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